SAP Treasury and Risk management

Your financial assets managed properly

  • If you are interested in quick SAP Treasury implementation
  • If you are managing your Treasury positions and exposures using EXCEL spreadsheets
  • If you have doubts that implementing SAP Treasury will give you a real benefit
  • If you are interested to know more about that let us tell how you can be up and running with affordable solution that will help you in being more effective in your Treasury processes.

After many implementation and many years of experience SAP has developed a solution called Treasury RDS that can be quickly implemented, but which is fully scalable, so you can add more functionality when needed.

The solution is aimed at middle size companies that has a need for managing their Treasury processes in an optimized and effective way, or larger companies that can use the solution as pilot to gain quick wins. The solution is based on Best Practices and to fit requirements for companies that have a need for a tool to manage the Currency and Interest Risk.

SAP Rapid Deployment Solution is used for managing position and hedging Instruments as follows:

  • Money Market
  • Debt Management
  • Foreign exchange hedging
  • Interest and Foreign exchange derivatives
  • Commodity management (with Logistics integration)
  • Market Risk Analyzer
  • And of course Cash Management Integration.

By choosing Compact Treasury and Risk Management you can be ensured a short implementation time, but at the same time solution that complies to legal requirements with functional separation and Accounting rules according to IFRS.